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Why we sell Solid USA Hardwood Furniture?

It is the "Gold Standard" for Heirloom Quality Furniture!

solid wood furniture store Indianapolis Indiana

  • Most stores hide what type of furniture is used...Or unfortunately hide if its real wood or not.
  • Ask other stores what wood is used. The answer you get is generic because either they dont know or don't want you to know.
  • Solid USA Hardwood furniture is beautiful.
  • The wood is harvested in the USA, creating jobs.
  • Veneered furniture is easily damaged. Hardwood furniture is dense, repairable and made to be used.
  • Moisture can easily damage veneers. Hardwoods can't bubble or peel - It's solid wood
  • Solid hardwoods can be stained or painted in hundreds of colors

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HomePlex Furniture is the best Solid Hardwood Furniture Store in Indianapolis and Carmel.

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