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Why do we sell 8 way hand tied upholstery?

8 Way Hand Tied Sofa and Sectionals


Simply put...It's the gold standard for a well made sofa or sectional.

Until the early 1980's almost every sofa, even a "cheap" sofa was 8 way hand tied. Then many manufacturers and retail furniture stores started to skimp on quality leading to cheaper ways of making a sofa so more money could be profited. 

Any manufacturer that still spends the time and effort to build a 8 way hand tied sofa today also spends the time to make a sofa that is comfortable, stylish and made to last. 

When HomePlex Furniture opened in 2010 our goal was to sell furniture like it "used to be made". That is why all of our Pinnacle lines of upholstery are 8 way hand tied.

We have in our option the best display of 8 way hand tied sofas in the Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers area.

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Why is it called 8 way hand tied?

8 way hand tied sofa and sectional

Each coil is tied by hand 8 ways with high strength nylon. There is very little metal touching metal making it almost impossible to squeak.  The most important thing is it lasts and is comfortable for decades.

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