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Amish Bedroom Furniture Store in Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana - HomePlex Furniture


Have a question about Amish Bedroom Furniture? Call us at 317.845.9990. Our design team at HomePlex Furniture are Amish Furniture Experts! We even offer free in home delivery on most orders.


 We have one of the best displays of Amish Bedroom Furniture in Indiana 


  Amish Made Bedroom Furniture Store Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana

Amish Bedroom Furniture Store Indianapolis
Amish Made Bedroom Furniture 


We feature over 300 finish options and 500 fabric options at our showroom located at 4647 E 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250. 

Wood options include USA harvested solid hardwood Maple, Cherry, Oak, Hickory, Walnut and many more species. We use a Conversion Varnish clearcoat finish that is the best in the industry.  

With the build quality of the Amish paired with solid hardwoods and durable finish HomePlex Furniture designs furniture that is made to be a family heirloom.  



A Brief History of Amish Furniture

Curious about the history of Amish woodworking and carpentry? The beauty of Amish wood furniture is no new discovery; their woodworking traditions date back centuries. Read on to learn about the roots of Amish wood furniture and the ways in which it has changed – and remained much the same.

Understanding Amish Culture

The Amish date back to the 1600s, when a group of Anabaptist Christians in Switzerland broke off from their church. In the 19th century, many Amish immigrated to Pennsylvania, where they settled in townships far removed from the technology and industry of the modern world. Core Amish values, such as tradition, self-sufficiency, and community, translated into their craftsmanship and carpentry.

Techniques and Traditions

Because the Amish of that time tended to avoid using nails and screws, the way they build furniture is inherently unique. For example, they utilize beautiful dovetail joints to connect two pieces of wood together. Another hallmark of Amish woodworking is the way that techniques and traditions are maintained. The Amish community tends to place value on manual labor, rather than formal schooling, so many children are working in their family’s workshop by the time that they reach adolescence. Each generation learns the family trade and traditions and passes them on to future generations. 

Amish Furniture Store Indianapolis and Carmel Indiana