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Live in Chicago? Want a Durable Comfortable Sofa or Solid Hardwood Furniture?

We offer FREE delivery on orders over $1500 in Chicago.

We sell the best...And being a small family owned and ran business we offer better pricing compared to local Chicago stores.

Are you a interior designer in Chicago? Call us ANYTIME 317.845.9990.

How to order:

1. Search or website and fall in love with items you love.

2. View finishes or fabrics that are available.

3. Have finishes or fabrics sent to your home in Chicago. (This can be done online or via our phone ANYTIME 317.845.9990)

4. Fall in love with a finish or fabric and PLACE YOUR ORDER. (This can be done online or via phone ANYTIME 317.845.9990)

5. Every item we sell is made for YOU. It is wood or fabric on a shelf until ordered. Delivery to Chicago is usually around 10-12 weeks.

6. Enjoy your furniture in your home  knowing you purchased the highest quality furniture made and you saved money by purchasing from a small family owned business.

7. After you purchase our services do not end. We stand behind our furniture. If you have problems please let us know. (This can be done online or via our phone ANYTIME 317.845.9990)

The best store in Chicago to buy Solid Hardwood and Durable Comfortable Sofas and Chairs